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 Classes of The Wizarding Academy

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Wand Making- Create, paint and decorate your own wand to use for spell work throughout camp.


Potions - In Potions class, you'll learn to mix magical ingredients into elixirs and brews to produce a variety of wondrous and explosive effects.


Magical Creatures - Learn about the animals of the magical world and why they have been used in magic for years.  Handle a real live bearded dragon, care for and touch live snakes, scorpions, frogs, lizards, tortoises, and tarantulas. 


Ancient Runes - Ancient Runes were a form of writing witches and wizards used hundreds of years ago. Work with your house members to decode this magical language. 

Wizard Sport - This is your chance to show your athletic ability. Can you stay on your broomstick, dodge your fellow wizards, and still manage to score a goal? This is all witches' and wizards' favorite game. 


Transfiguration - Transfiguration is the art of changing one object into something else.  During this course, engage in a competition with your fellow students to see who has the best skill in changing objects. 


Herbology - This year we are bringing in a genuine Herbologist. Our Professor will take students on a nature walk identifying plants and teaching about their medicinal properties.

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