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Best Summer Camp 
of Utah

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Parent Reviews

"I wanted to thank you for an amazing camp experience. My son enjoyed every day at camp. I was so impressed with your creativity and the range of activities the kids enjoyed. My son has participated in many summer camps over the years and this was by far his favorite." - Kelly Mansfield

"My 8-yr old couldn't wait to go to The Wizarding Academy everyday. He loved meeting other kids who shared his love of the books, and all of the well-organized classes planned for each day. He uses his specially crafted wand to cast spells on his little brother when he's back home. Some of his favorite classes were Astronomy and Cold Blooded Creatures. We can't wait to do it again next year! Thanks Kim!" - Karina Payne

"My son loves the The Wizarding Academy!  The first week of class he was already asking to come back next year. He loved making his own wand, being sorted into different houses, and taking all the same subjects as his friends. He's made new friends, and had so much fun.  As a mom, I'm so glad to see my child so engaged, and happy!  We will be coming next year, and the next... etc.  Thanks Kim for this opportunity!!" - Felicia Alvarez

"The Wizarding Academy has been amazing with so much learning and fun!  It has been worth every penny and we look forward to doing it again!" -Natalie Wonnacott

"This camp has been the only thing my kids have talked about. Not only was the price reasonable, but the activities were well thought out and exciting for my boys. Everyday they came home counting down the hours until the next time they could go. My boys have already begged me to sign them up for next year! " - Kristine Monroy

“The TWA has been the best summer camp ever!  Our 10yr old daughter has been so elated every day with the fulfilling experience the program offers.  There is always something new and exciting to learn, from potions to wand making, reptile experience to  sports, astronomy to spells, our daughter has had a blast.  Thanks to the Academy’s organizers for a fantastic start to summer!” - Jenny Latchman

"My kids are LOVING this camp SO much!!! I can’t even tell you how proud they are to put on their robes every morning, pick up their wands and go to camp. They tell me every activity they did all the way home. This camp has inspired my twins (4th grade) to read the Harry Potter books for the first time, and they are so excited they are reading a book every few days! This is by far the best Summer camp we have had them in… ever. They will always remember it!" - Kari Sikorski

"This has been the BEST experience for my son! You've done amazing things and your efforts are outstanding!! THANK YOU!" - Vicki Vandenberghe

"My son was so excited for this camp that he was sad to miss a week and go to golf camp, which was the highlight of his summer the year before!" - Chanin Christensen

"The Wizarding Academy was a magical experience that was the highlight of my students' summer.  They will be analyzing herbs, pondering black holes, and practicing spells long after summer has ended.  We can't wait for next year's session!" - Melanie Dance"

"I have loved the excitement my kids have everyday as they come home and explain the magical things that were experienced during camp.  Throughout the 3 weeks, I have been impressed with the variety of indoor and outdoor fun they have had. One of my children even said, "Mom I wish I could do this all summer long!" This was a great choice of summer camp for my kids." - Oaklee Jones


"This was the most fun my daughter has ever had at a summer camp! Every day she came home enthusiastic about the day's events. I was impressed by the variety of activities and fun details. We highly recommend this camp to all magic loving kids!" - Melinda Canfield

My daughter has been in tears as I picked her up every day this week because she did not want TWA to end!  She had a fabulous time!!  Well done, I am impressed at how much you accomplished to make it so magical.

- Skye Krhoun

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